turn it up dance competition scoring

​​​​Turn It Up!

Dances will be scored by 3 judges with 100 points possible from each judge. A total of 300 available points per dance. Each judge will score on the following areas:

Technique: 30 points - Appropriate technical execution and difficulty for their category and ability level.

Performance: 30 points - Showmanship, expression, and entertainment value. Facial expressions, portraying the dance and connecting with the audience.

Choreography: 30 points - Creativity in song choice, movement, and theme. Age appropriate movements and skills. use of innovative movement, levels, patterning. use of the stage.

Overall Look: 10 points - Costuming, hair, make-up - uniformity in look and professional, polished look. Bare midriffs or skimpy costuming are not allowed.

​Routines will be scored by level, not one against the other. Each adjudicated dance will receive one trophy for the dance that remains property of the dance studio. 

high score awards: high score awards will be named for solos, duo/trios, and groups in each ability level (beginning, intermediate advanced). Top five solos will be recognized as well.

judge's choice awards: each judge will choose one routine to present a judge's choice award to during each awards ceremony. this is completely at the discretion of the judges to select one dance that stood out to them during that section of the event.

AUDIO CRITIQUES & SCORES: each dance will receive audio critiques and scoring from our judges. these will be available to the studio director within two weeks of the event.