​​​​Turn It Up!

turn it up dance competition rules

here at turn it up! Dance, we don't want to judge your dancers, we want to inspire them. we know it's important for everyone to play fair, but we cultivate great relationships with studios we trust to create a positive and encouraging environment for all dancers. we try to keep our rules to a minimum and trust you to enter fairly. if you're studying the rule books for infractions, we're probably not the place for you.

if you're looking for a low-stress, uplifting weekend with people who love dance - you've found us!

FEES: Entry fees are per dancer, not per dance. Every soloist must pay aN entry fee for each solo. Every dancer will pay A FEE per group dance they compete with. DUOS AND TRIOS ARE CONSIDERED GROUP DANCES. studios will add an administrative fee on top of these fees charged by the event in order to cover their time, cost, and outlay of attending the event. Entry fees must be paid in full by one check issued by the dance studio to Turn It Up. Credit card payments will be charged a 5% service fee. Entry fees due in full no later than may 1, 2024. Change fee of  $ 20.00 per change for any changes made to routines less than 30 days before event.

DIVISIONS: Dances can be entered as “Scored” or “Showcased.” Scored dances will be adjudicated by a panel of judges and will receive score sheets. Each dance will receive one trophy awarded to the dance based on total points scored. Showcased dances will not be judged and will perform for entertainment value only. This is recommended for younger dance groups. Showcased dances will be called on to stage to be acknowledged and each dancer will receive a participation medal. No trophy will be awarded.

AGE: Age category is determined by totaling the ages of each dancer and dividing by the number of dancers in the routine - the average age of the group at the time they compete determines their age division.


Categories are a guideline and correct level should be determined by the instructor. We trust instructors to act as professionals and place dancers where they will feel good about their accomplishments, while being challenged, and also making it fair for all other dancers. these are a guideline for suggestions of placement as we know that ability level is difficult, if not impossible, to regulate as no two dancers are created the same.

Beginning: Dancers with 2 or less years of training, first time competitors or groups that have not had a lot of stage experience. Low level of technical content.
Intermediate: Dancers with 3-5 years of training, some competition or performance experience. Increasing technical level including clean single to double turns, full leaps, basic extensions, etc.
Advanced: Dancers with more than 5 years of training and significant competition or performance experience. Higher technical level, multiple turns, advanced leaps, full extensions, etc.

TIME LIMITs: Time limits are 2:45 for Solo dances and 3:00 for duo/trio/Group dances. No minimum time. 10 point deduction for over time. Group time limit can be extended for an extension fee of $ 2.00 per dancer per 1 minute of extension. all Solos, duos and trios must stay within the time limit.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Costuming should be age appropriate and represent the feel of the dance. Bare midriffs or skimpy costuming is not allowed. This is a family event and all music and costuming should be modest and appropriate for all ages. No profanity (even bleeped) is allowed. no references to drugs, alcohol, or sexual content is allowed in music. Violations are a 10 point deduction.

PROPS & ACROBATICS:  Props are allowed in all categories. Handheld or single item props (stool, chair, mirror, etc.) can be used in any category. Extensive props or scenery should enter in the Production category. Props must be set and removed from the stage quickly without delaying flow of the event. Acrobatics are allowed in all categories, but any routine with more than 3 acrobatic tricks should enter the Acro-Dance category.

MUSIC: Music must be appropriate for all ages. Music may not contain profanity - even “bleeped” profanity. no references to drugs, alcohol, or sexuality. 10 point deduction for inappropriate music. Music must be uploaded in to your studio music folder one week before the event with the entry number, name of the routine, and the studio code. Example: 050_JumpJive_16M. Studios must have back up music on ipod or mp3 player of each entry on hand at the event.

ENTRY FEES: all Entries and entry fees must be received by may 1, 2023. Entries are on a first come first served basis and this event may sell out. limited space is available and only routines with entry fees paid in full are guaranteed a spot at the event. There are no refunds of entry fees for any reason. Entries submitted after the closing deadline will be subject to a $ 20.00 fee per routine.

DANCE DOWN: Our Dance Down event can be registered for on site for $ 15.00 per dancer. Dancers will experience an audition process where the whole group learns a jazz combo on the spot and performs it for judges in groups. Judges will evaluate dancers on the spot and choose the top 5 dancers who will be acknowledged on stage. Dance Down will be split in to a Beginning dance down (recommended for ages 12 & under) and an Advanced Dance Down (recommended for ages 13 & up).